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Along the Trails of Kargil...

Over the past couple of years, our partner, rZamba, has been making major efforts in the remote villages of Kargil and Leh to step up the quality of education through interventions in schools and setting up of community libraries.  


Education has moved online for most parts of the world, but not for children in these villages. With schools closing down indefinitely because of the COVID-19 situation, our children in the valley are back to their homes with very little access to any form of learning. 

Rung-Rungs Sel (pronounced Roong-Roon-Sell), is an attempt to create a digital archive of stories and folktales, accessible to the remotest villages in India.

Join Rung Rung Sel

Join the Movement. Be a Storyteller. Today!

Thanks to technology , you can now share stories with children in Ladakh, over the internet. Download the handbook below and get started.


Did you know?

Rung-Rungs Sel means '[Let me] tell you a story' in Bhoti, the major language in Ladakh. 

Download the Rung-Rungs Sel Handbook and sign up to be a Storyteller today!

The Rung-Rungs Sel Archive

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