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Programs and Services

House of Stories

Playing house never gets old. Our storytellers keep the game going by creating spaces that are not only cost-effective but also replicable!


Reading Buddies

The more the merrier! What’s merrier than a reading buddy? Our flagship reading programs aims at developing young readers through school-based peer reading.

Rekindled Stories

Stories never die! We keep the stories alive by sharing refurbished storybooks with reading spaces in under-resourced communities.
From one home to another.


Ways of Working

Over the course of the past 7 years, our team has left no stone unturned in building reading spaces for schools and communities. While we are still pursuing our learning, here's a sneak-peek into how we did what we did.

Community Book Drives

There are never enough stories to be shared! We ensure that the stories hidden away in old boxes from forgotten childhoods are repurposed and given a new life in community spaces.

Upcycled Furniture

Employing cost-cutting and minimal wastage practices, we create furniture solutions in surely unconventional ways. We creatively solutionize by up-cycling throw-away furniture and repurposing t-shirts, tyres, and other scrap material.

A Global Movement

We owe our outreach to the expanding family of volunteers now spanning to 120+ across 8 countries. Today, we are a community of architects, designers, and educators — with children and reading at the heart of it all.

Learning and Development

Our program embraces learning and development to build library leadership and student-led active reading spaces. You can find a digital repository of handy go-to resources here.

Storytelling over Digital Platforms

Storytime is making the digital leap starting with our initiative, Rung Rungs Sel. This is a progressive development to set up an e-platform of stories for the avid story lovers we serve. Find out more here.

Policy Advocacy

At the policy level, we advocate for evidence-based policies towards improving the state of school libraries and towards turning libraries into learning commons in this digital era.

Network Partners

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